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What is ACT ?

It is a super special American therapy through which all blockages in the entire body as well as in heart are cleared without operation by using imported American medicines.

 How the ACT functions? How is it beneficial to the patient?
The medicine used in act disintegrates heavy metals and cloistral which are the main causes of blockage. After using the medicine the blockages are diluted and passed out and the blood circulation comes to normal. We use some more medicine which prevents possibilities of future blockages.




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Whether only arteries cleaned by ACT?
No! the medicine used in act clean inch to inch blockages of all the 90 thousand kilometer length blood arteries spared over in the entire body. This therapy is special used in the western countries to prevent physical changes developing in the old age.

 How ACT applies?
It is a very simple method. The medicine are diluted in glucose/saline bottles and injected in the nerves through drops for about 2 to 3 hours. This course is repeated according to seriousness of the cases and result achieved. Before applying ACT the entire body of the patient is completely checked–up according to norms prescribed by
American College of Advanced in Medicine in Modified protocol form.

 How much affective and successful is ACT ?
It is more then 90%, out of 100 patient 90 have been found fully cured and remaining was partially benefited.

What is the category of patients who are cured by ACT?

  • All patients of heart blockage and angina

  • All diabetic, blood pressure and asthmatic patients

  • Who have been advised Angiography, angioplasty or bypass surgery.

  • Those who still feel problem after bypass surgery or angioplasty.

  • Cases of heart problem of serious nature where bypass surgery or angioplasty can not be done.

  • Who are not willing to undergo surgery or angioplasty.

  • Patients who are suffering from heart pain, anxiety, heaviness which increases with due to day to day work and after taking meal.

  • Whose heart functioning capacity is not normal (LVF)

  • Paralysis cases due to blockages in mental nerves system.

  • Gangrene cases due to insufficient blood circulation in arms and legs

  • Patients of sexual weakness due to deposit of cholesterol in nerves

  • Cosmetic to prevent weakness and physical disabilities due to old age.

It has been reported that about 86% patients who underwent bypass surgery or angioplasty, again suffer from formation of blockages only after 2 to 6 months, how ACT is useful in these cases ?
It is cent-percent successful. ACT is the only solution. as we all know that all surgery only remove a few blockages by bypass surgery or angioplasty for time being, which open start within a few days or months. it is not a permanent care of heart disease. the patient again undergo with the same agony and pain and at times untimely death. ACT removes these blockages successfully and the patients lead his remaining life.

Can sudden death due to heart attack can be prevented by ACT?
Yes! ACT cleans blockages of blood arteries which attributes heart attack and sudden death.

 How is it ensured that ACT is giving positive result?
The patients himself would be the best judge. he will start loses pain, feel energetic and healthy, improves diabolitic system and  start doing those physically work which he was unable to do earlier. Application of lesser doses of medicine is also one of the changes of improvement.

Heart care has very sensitive and latest machines under one roof which keeps digital heart assessment record.

Dr. Shrivastava, himself completely and minutely checks-up the heart before and after ACT and its purpose. Detailed cooperative report after earning out myocardial blood flow study, this report clearly exhibit image of improvement after application of ACT.

Which are the countries where ACT is popular and recognized?
ACT is used in whole world. There are about several thousand centers only in America in which 10 laces patients have successfully treated. Besides England, France, Germany, Italy  Spain, Switzerland, Holland, china, Japan, new Zealand, Australia and India are the main countries where laces of patients were successfully treated through ACT.
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ACT is recognized by IBCMT and ABCMT in America and by National health services in Europe and England. American College of Advancement in medicine has introduced modified protocol and guideline for ACT. Countries like New Zealand and Australia have formed ACT Board which delivers high level training to MD students doctors. Dr. linus Pauling who has been awarded Noble Prize on two occasion has praised and said that ACT is the best therapy to clean heart arteries as well as nerves spread over throughout the entire body.
In a seminar organized by American heart Association at mayachi beach the prominent heart specialist Dr. Henery.D.Machntish  M.D. has appealed to heart specialist doctor not to take hasty decision and consider application of ACT and other option.
In the resent past American Heart Association and American College of Cardiology have added ACT in the proposal guideline of treatment of angina.

Whether ACT is a complete safe therapy?
Yes! results shows that it is more then 300% successful in compression to bypass surgery, angioplasty or even angiography.  in more then 6000 study reports carried  out on ACT, not a single death has been reported out of 50 laces serious heart patients treated every year. contrary to this in most of the studies it has been noticed that the patients were not only cured due to removal of blockages but there had been tremendous improvement in their health. ACT has been graded 4 times safe by latest American drug safety standard scale then the Aspirin tab generally taken daily by the heart patients.

What benefits a heart patients gets if he is treated through ACT in place of by pass surgery and angioplasty?
ACT is lass expensive and risk free and there is no need to admit a patient, carry out............ACT is a painless therapy which is applicable without causing damage to hart and other part of the body. ACT not only removes deposits of cholesterol and heavy metals but also cleans all 90 thousand kilometers blood nerves spread over the entire body. result says that while in bypass surgery and angioplasty there is life risk, after effort of operation, heavy expenses and possibility of death with approx 10%.even after bypass and angioplasty, one or 2 blockages are cleaned for time being and approx 86% patients again develop blockages which are more dangerous and life risky.

Is there any special courses or license for ACT?
M.D. is the highest degree in medical science for heart specialist in the whole world. The MD physician who has undergone special course and posses license, only treat through ACT. the countries like new Zealand and Australia have formed a special board who have rules.......and procedure to issues license.
Dr. Anupam Shrivastava has obtained a certificate after undergoing specialized training. under his able guidance the patients are treated in heart care through ACT. Dr. Shrivastava is working on preventive cardiology for the last 15 years and has a vast experience on his field.

How Dr. Anupam Shrivastava inspired to provide easy, less expensive and successful treatment to  heart patients through preventive cardiology and ACT ?
Dr. Shrivastava had always accepted challenges to fight against serious nature of disease through...........he came o contact with certain heart patients who were refused by the prominent hospitable of cosmopolitan cities and had last hope of life. some of them were seriously advised to under go bypass surgery or angioplasty immediately, othrwise their life was at stake. these patients were unable to afford such expensive treatment.
Dr. Shrivastava started their treatment on basic principle of reversing heart disease of preventive cardiology. the result was tremendous and encouraging. these patients are alive and some of them daily go for walk for about 3 to 5 kilometer. This again inspired Dr. Shrivastaa and he started taking interest to study in death and archived experience of ACT, to give better and preventive relief to heart patients.
He founded Heart Care to promote ACT to such patients who are unable to afford expensive treatment.

Whether bypass surgery and angioplasty would be stopped by ACT and ECP?
Certainly not! these expensive treatment, risky and painful operation should be done when the same are absolutely essential. it is seen that in 9% cases the bypass and angioplasty is done when other option are available. this is totally wrong.
At the beginning of the stage the patients should  be educated about less expensive and easy method of treatment and where the results of ACT and ECP are not encouraging, then they must be advised for operation. it can not be appropriate that just for professional reasons and financial gains, the patients is advised for painful operation and the family is threat to financial loss and mental agony.
This is endeavor of Heart Care centre to educate and impact treating to physician and general public as well for which on different occasion we orgainse lecture and work shops.
In countries like New Zealand and Australia  the Government is considering to pass a legislation where the heart surgery will only be advised only when the result of ACT and ECP not giving satisfactory results.

Are there some research for ACT at international level?
Yes! in countries like America and England thousand of patients are treated through NIH and NCCAM and billions of dollar are on this research work. this research work would continue five years and the result would be published at international level.

In our Country ,which are the cities where the ACT is available?
Ther are about 25 to 30 cities including Mumbai, Delhi and Hyderabad where the heart patients are being treated satisfactory through ACT and ECP, there are 5 to 7 centers at Bhopal and Nagpur. Heart patients of MP and even from other state are coming for this best available treatment taking in to account the success rate of ACT. the Escort heat hospital has installed 2 ECP machine.

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