At Heart Care, we are consistently trying to provide ultra modern and metro level facilities to heart patient and trying to avoid bypass surgery and angioplasty. we are providing following ultra modern facilities.

For more than 18 years Heart Care has been dedicated to the health and care of the heart Patients. Our goal at Heart Care is to provide Best health treatment to all at affordable cost with excellent results.

All Ultra -Modern facilities for diagnosis and treatment of heart patients under one roof.





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EECP is an advance technique of opening artery blockage of heart by computerized machine without Hospitalization and operation.
EECP is very effective for patient of chronic stable angina,before or after bypass surgery, Angioplasty and heart attack.
This modern computerized machine is also installed at hospitals of various major cities,as New Delhi, Mumbai etc. ECP is approved by FDA America and worldwide thousand of machines are giving successful results

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ACT is the most modern American technique  to clear the artery blockages of heart without operation. This technique is beneficial for patients of Heart Blockages, Diabetes,Gangrene, hypertension, paralysis, memory loss etc. ACT is a safe, painless, less expensive and trouble free treatment for which imported medicine from America are used and the patients need not be admitted in the hospital.
ACT cleans all the blood veins of whole body to prevent bad effect of old age. The results of ACT are amazing and not  a single death case has been reported  in about 40 laces satisfied heart patient treated through ACT in whole world.

Before Treatment

  After Treatment


3D ANGIO is a Latest Diagnostic Test to detect Blood Flow in Coronary Arteries of heart. This test is USFDA Registered and already got CE Mark Certificate of European Medical Agency. 3D Angiography is based on the Cartography principle.3D Angio is done without Inserting a needle or Catheter inside the body. Its Safe, Painless & Riskfree test done without injecting any dye, without Anaesthesia, without Hospitalization, without Any Side effect or Complication. 3D Angiograpgy is done in only 45 mins, and after the test patient can go back to his regular work or home immediately. Along with so many countries and major cities of India, 3D Angiography is also installed in Apex medical Institute AIIMS,New Delhi. Cartography based this test is also used by Indian Airforce for detection of heart disease and blockages in their Fighter Pilots & other Staff.
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  • Tiny & Internal examination of heart is now possible using advance 3-D(three Dimensional) Echo & Colour Doppler.
  • Based at world's best digital technologies, provides great picture clarity and calculations.
  • Facility of saving colour picture of Doppler in CD.


  • To see blood flow & perfusion of heart muscles, directly on screen
  • No need to go for Angiography
  • Real time scanning of blood flow of heart
  • Painless, safe, non-invasive
  • First in MP (Madhya Pradesh)

  • Accurate information through digital technique
  • 2 page detailed report including more than 100 computerized automatic calculation.
  • Live display on coloured screen


  • Ultra modern machine of Latest technology.
  • Very clear and detailed image of internal structure  of heart by latest digital machine.


  • First in MP, Latest Model with digital signal processor, no vibration, clear display,  risk free.
  • Highly sensitive and imported quality in compare normal machine.
  • 12 lead coloured display
  • Detaile Reporting by Sr.Cardiologist
  • Capable of pre deciding blockages of arteries and heart attack.


  • First in MP, Latest Model * No Cassete required
  • Based on Latest chip and memory card technology. better then Old Holter done by cassette.
  • Can record more then 1,00,000 ( One Lac ) heart beat
  • Automatic arrhythmia detection software
  • Automatic assessment of ST segment

  • Complete Digital check-up & complete analysis of heart, done by Dr. Shrivastav himself.
  • Complete Check up and automatic report of lungs and breathing using advance computerized machine
  • Complete analysis and computerized and automatic reading up to 24 hours
  • For low/high pressure patient.
  • First in MP
  • Suitable for angina and asthma patient.
  • Advance technique of stress test Without walking, first time in MP
  • To detect, benefit of bypass surgery and blockages of heart.
  • For every type of Pathological test under one roof.

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